Other | 20 April 2014

USL Premier calls on the President and clear position against representation Szeklerland

PNL President Crin Antonescu said on Monday that "silence" the authorities in Bucharest to Laszlo Tokes's initiative to open a representation in Brussels Szeklerland is explained by the "combination" of President Traian Basescu.

People | 18 April 2014

Antonescu and Ponta bothered by questions of journalists about allegations of Videanu and Udrea

PNL President Crin Antonescu and the PSD, Victor Ponta, showed disturbed on Monday, after sitting USL, the fact that journalists have asked to comment on some statements made by Elena Udrea Videanu.

Other | 16 April 2014

USL will make again on Tuesday etnobotanicelor simple motion, with the title changed

PC President Daniel Constantin said Monday that deputies PSD, PNL and PC will submit again Tuesday at the Permanent Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies on etnobotanicelor simple motion, with the title changed.

Personal | 15 April 2014

Presidential adviser: Romania must take precedence Danube strategy, not marginal projects

Presidential National Security Advisor Iulian Fota argued Monday that Romania should establish a priority list of major projects in the Danube Strategy, the EU insist on getting their funding and not to get drawn into marginal projects.

Other | 11 April 2014

Tip: Videanu is a felon, theft of 25,000 families were left without jobs

PSD President Victor Ponta said Monday in a press conference that Videanu liberal Democrat is "a criminal" because the "theft" of its 25,000 families left jobless in Punjab.

Press | 08 April 2014

Opposition representatives left the meeting of the Chamber BP, arguing that PDL members delayed

Leadership of the opposition in the Chamber of Deputies left Monday Permanent Bureau on the grounds that PDL members were late for work.

Events | 07 April 2014

Kelemen: Law minorities be adopted by the end of June

UDMR President Kelemen Hunor said Friday in a press conference that minority law to be adopted by the end of June, being considered as a procedure, and government accountability on this project, send AFP correspondent.

State | 06 April 2014

NOTE: Boc participate, Saturday, prefects and deputy prefects Association meeting in Romania

Prime Minister Emil Boc will be present Saturday from 10.00 at the fourth meeting of the Association prefects and deputy prefects in Romania, held in Baile Felix Hotel International.

Other | 04 April 2014

EPP Vice: The approach of establishing a representative of Szeklerland an unnecessary provocation

Vice President of the EPP Group in the European Parliament, Marian Jean Marinescu (PDL), says that approach has opened a representative office Szeklerland "an unnecessary provocation," saying that UDMR statements on this subject are "low speculation".

Press | 01 April 2014

Claudiu Palaz Decision burning cars, image campaign for Prefecture of Constanta

Constance prefect, Claudiu Palaz, said that the decision to burn the car with his name and institution of the Prefecture is part of an image campaign Prefect Institution, transmit AFP correspondent.

Personal | 31 March 2014

Dusa: preparations for opening a representative of the so-called Szekely Land, challenging

PSD leader of the Chamber of Deputies, Mircea Dusa, rejects efforts made by the Heads of Covasna and Harghita County Council to open representative office "so-called Székely Land" in Brussels, qualifying them as "alarming, unacceptable and provocative"

State | 29 March 2014

Igas: So far not discussed in any colleague Minister BPN reshuffle

Administration and Interior Minister Traian Igas said Saturday in a press conference in Baile Felix, that, so far, not discussed in PDL National Bureau reshuffle "any fellow minister".

Personal | 27 March 2014

Kelemen: Do not respond to blackmail or threats. Not construct something stable alliances

UDMR President Kelemen Hunor said Saturday in a press conference in Deva, that the Union "does not respond to blackmail and threats," adding that "there is a stable build future alliances something"

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